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We do video.

We are creative, and that gets us excited. Every part of our design is an expression. It's this level of care that allows us to fully immerse ourselves into the creative process. We'll give your vision a voice and timbre to stand up and demand attention.

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We like ourselves a lot, but you'll like us even more.

Nathan Colby Portrait

Nathan Colby

CEO & Co-Founder


Carlton Mackall Portrait

Carlton Mackall

CEO & Co-Founder


Our mission at Carlton Colby Designs is to provide the greater Maryland area with top quality media material.


That's it.

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Carlton Colby Designs Awarded For Latest Production At Frederick Film Fest

  • Best of Fest awarded to "Grounds" Short Film
  • Scripted, filmed, and edited in 72 hours for the 72 Film fest.
  • Also won Best Editing, Best Writing, Best Pro Film.
  • Nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Sound/Music.

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